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The Future of cash
a Digital Cryptobased Alternative
This Paper seeks to discover pros and cons of implementing af crypto based alternative

CNN til diagnosticering af hudkræft

This project aims to examine the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence for diagnosing malignant melanoma, as well as a discussion of why it is not yet implemented in healthcare. The structure of our analysis is largely dictated by the TRIN-model. We start off by presenting studies that compare the percentage of correct diagnoses made by experienced dermatologists and a convolutional neural network. By doing this, we find that the CNN performs better than the large majority of dermatologists, and 4% better than the average dermatologist.


Dette projekt tager udgangspunkt i skybrudssikringen af Degnestavnens Legeplads i Københavns Nordvest-kvarter, med fokus på byrumsdesign.