Et design af Thirdroom som app

This project has been completed in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Thirdroom. The overall focus of the project is to find an IT solution for the problems that Thirdroom is experiencing, by the users of their current platform. In this context, we will work out a feasibility study, by using the MUST method as an analytic structure for the project and results from the collected empirical data. We will be focusing on the phases and principles of the MUST method.

Notifikationer fra sociale medier

The purpose of this study is to gather information about the impact of smartphone notifications
from social media on the individual, specifically the impact on social relations. We therefore
came up with the research question “How do notifications from social media affect social relationships,
and what are the consequences?” The main theme for the project concerns the academic
fields of Subjectivity, Technology and Society (STS), and Technology Systems and
Artifacts (TSA).

Alternative måde på at forbedre it-sy

The report is about the search for alternative solutions for issues of the IT-systems in Roskilde university

SDG-accelerator program – HelloScience

This bachelor thesis is a preliminary study on a potential pilot project between UNDP and HelloScience.
The thesis presents a vision of change based on the results. The vision includes thoughts on how a preliminary study could move forward and what further steps need to be taken before launching a pilot project. Specifically this means developing prototypes for the incorporation of the various tools available to be tested in an onboarding of a few SME’s on the HelloScience platform. Especially to make sure the SME’s can take full potential of the storytelling element on the platform.

Implementeringer af Random Reward Mech

The goal of this paper is to examine the feature of Random Reward Mechanisms (focused on loot boxes as an artifact) in video games and hopes to spark more discussions and investigations into the topic. Our focus was set on examining the consequences of loot boxes on certain social elements such as individuals and game developers/publishers. We have collected theories and methods from various scientific areas such as Actor-Network theory, Social Construction of Technology and Nudging. We have put them to use by analyzing the current situation from the perspective of an individual consumer and t

Bitcoin Mining

Blockchain has proven to have huge transactional benefits, trust benefits as well as security benefits. But blockchain’s energy-intensive design process of bitcoin mining has proven to pose major climate challenges for the planet we live on and has become a more serious concern for our future.

Smart Homes/Smart Mirror

The focus of this project is Subjectivity, Technology and Society, apart from this the report
will also include elements from the course Technology, Systems and Artefacts. The purpose of
this report is to research what consequences Smart Home devices can have on their user’s
privacy and the security of their homes and find out whether these consequences can have
negative or positive effects. Furthermore, we introduce our own homemade Smart Home
device, a Smart Mirror.

Sociale Medier og Politik

This paper seeks an answer to the posing challenges of the uprising of social media and Twitter, in the modern political landscape. By looking at theory composed by the theorists Langdon Winner and Stig Hjarvard, we try to analyze and discuss the changes that social media has brought to the current political landscape. Twitter has had an impact on the way politicians’ campaign, and provides a large platform to, unsupervised, spread a lot of political information and opinions.

“Modellering af Hotel Alexandras…

This paper examines how specific modelling techniques can help optimizing an internal information system, and what specific design improvements can be incorporated into Hotel Alexandra’s future system development.

CNN til diagnosticering af hudkræft

This project aims to examine the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence for diagnosing malignant melanoma, as well as a discussion of why it is not yet implemented in healthcare. The structure of our analysis is largely dictated by the TRIN-model. We start off by presenting studies that compare the percentage of correct diagnoses made by experienced dermatologists and a convolutional neural network. By doing this, we find that the CNN performs better than the large majority of dermatologists, and 4% better than the average dermatologist.

KI i transport: Selvkørende biler

This paper is a study of autonomous cars focusing on the artificial intelligence used in the development of the vehicles. Our research also includes the effects the technology will have on the Danish society, in particular the infrastructure and social behaviour.

Datasikkerhed i ansigsgenkendelse

Vi undersøger ansigtsgenkendelse som teknologi. Heriblandt kigger vi på lovgivningen og udfordringerne. Vi udfører vores eget eksperiment.

Agile og Virksomhedskultur

Agil-udvikling som kultur

Projekt 3. semester

Projektet tager udgangspunkt i en kobling mellem digital og dannelse. Dette ses gennem dannelsesbegrebets udvikling, ved implementeringen af IT i samfundet. Projektet undersøger mere præcist, hvordan der kan ses på dannelsen gennem en teknologiteoretisk analyse, samt en grundforståelse for dannelse som pædagogisk begreb. Dette med henblik på at nærme sig en forståelse af samfundets teknologiske udvikling, samt at sætte fokus på dens komplikationer, som udtrykkes i dannelsen. Projektet ser mere specifikt på digitale fodspor, der ses som en del af den digitale dannelse.

VR- og kreativitet

This project examines children in contact with Virtual Reality and how the techology affects creativity.
By using the creative tool Tilt Brush, the focus lies on the childrens’ interactions where the children have used the different tools and methods available to them in Tilt Brush.

It can be concluded that the children have an interest in the technologies and can expad on their already existing knowledge from other technology platforms such as smartphones and tablet.

Agil Udvikling

Agil er et moderne svar på, hvordan man udvikler komplekse løsninger. Denne opgave tager udgangspunkt i det mest udbredte agile Framework, Scrum, inden for IT-branchen. Der vil igennem Logical Framework Approach, TRIN-modellen og interviews forsøges at identificere de mest væsentlige problemer i det selvorganiserende team. Logical Framework Approach benyttes til at udarbejde løsninger, inden for Scrum som teknologisk system, på baggrund af TRIN-modellen.

Kvinder og programmering

Denne rapport vil tage udgangspunkt i problematikken, at kvinder er underrepræsenterede inden for IT-uddannelser. De to systemer, Hour of Code og Processing, undersøges på baggrund af den indsamlede teori, empiri og litteraturstudiet.

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