Brugerenes it-sikkherhed

This report examines the Danishsystem called NemIDand how it has affected the Danish people. We had at the start a problem, which was finding out why NemID has being targeted and why its users havegone through several hacking attacks, also how it has affected the users of NemID. We used different methods, such as analyzing the NemID tool itself and we also used a theory called diffusion of innovation, which focuses on spreading new technology. We used our analysis as help for us to understand, what NemID is, how its build and how its spread. Theories suchas ANT (Actor-network -theory), have

Affald på de danske strande

In international water, there are garbage-islands 15 times the size of Denmark. The reason is the garbage gets disposed in the ocean. If no action is taken, the weight of microplastic in oceans will be equivalent to the weight of all the fishes in the ocean. The main focus of this paper is the current situation of garbage in the shores of the Danish beaches. This problem represents a threat not only to the ecosystem but to the human population as well. We will thoroughly conduct an analysis of the issue, in order to determine the magnitude of the problem.