Veo og Fodboldkultur

Denne projektrapport er en undersøgelse af hvordan ny teknologi, Veo, påvirker de sociale forhold i amatørfodbold. Til dette bruges TRIN og Aktør-Netværks Teori.
På billedet i denne milestone, ses et Veo udstyr som det ser ud, når det er sat op til brug.


This paper examines the difficulties that can occur when translating a dissemination platform from one medium to another. During the course of this project, we have conducted a case study of the website Thirdroom as shown through the medium of a ProWise Touchscreen, to examine the potential of dissemination through this method. Furthermore, this paper analyses some of the social barriers that occur when adopting an alternative method to impart a message of the academic variant, as a supplement to the usual paper. It is discussed whether a mainstream application of Thirdroom in project work is

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