Instagram og mental sundhed

The purpose of this study is to investigate how Instagram as a social media affects young girls and their mental health. Firstly, this will be done by exploring how mental health is defined and what Instagram can provide the young girls with. Furthermore a questionnaire with young girls will be withdrawn to lighten up how the young girls act on Instagram and why they do certain things. To be able to conclude how their acts affect their mental health theorists such as Thomas Ziehe, Vincent Hendricks, Erving Goffman and Joshua Meyrowitz will be the fulcrum to an analysis…

Digital valg for handicappede

People with disabilities, face many challenges when they have to vote at the elections. The only solution offered to said people, is giving them the opportunity to vote from their car or change their voting location. However, there are still other problems that have not been addressed. Identifying these problems, and finding solutions, will pave the way to a more equal voting system. As a group, we’ve sought out to do exactly that.