Smart Cities

This paper seeks to examine, how the Copenhagen electric scooter can be used to reveal commercialized data collection and how this data affects the city. The field of the electric scooters in Copenhagen will be examined, using methods as participation analysis and document analysis. The Municipality of the city of Copenhagen has been interviewed with the purpose of exploring, how commercialized data is accessed by this stakeholder. The theories of subversive rationalization by Andrew Feenberg and surveillance capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff, will be defined and used as context for this papers…

Gyllebaseret Biogas

This paper aims to uncover the reason why only fifteen percent of the potential for manure based biogas production in Denmark has been exploited. The field of biogas plants will be ​examine, b​ y using methods such as interview, stakeholder analysis and the TRIN model. The theories of the TRIN model, the concept of sustainability and circular economy is defined and also put into context with manure based biogas production. This paper will furthermore analyze and discuss the findings of study, while finally present a visual presentation, which content will advocate for more manure based (…)

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