DFDS Oslo færgen

Tourism made up 10 percent of the global GDP in 2019, a trillion-dollar industry that includes everything from air travel to underwater travel. This paper focuses on the growing sea tourism sector involving cruises, which had 27.5 million passengers in 2019.
It will investigate what constitutes a good cruise experience, and how we can improve it through design meant to tackle problems onboard the DFDS Oslo Ferry. This will involve ana-lyzing the actor-network of the cruise industry and the Oslo Ferry to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a design prototype. Ideas for a new design w

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Oscar OceanSavingandCleaningAquaRobot

The intention of this product is to clean the oceans where there is a huge amount of garbage as shown in the front picture.
We believe O.S.C.A.R could be an idea to solving this problem.

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