Robotter og psykolgi

This project report is on the use of a welfare robot by the name of VECTOR and its use in elder care, including an analysis of why it would work and how it should be implemented into the current system.

Sociale medier og deres utilsigtede –


Persondata i det Moderne Samfund

There are many different marketing strategies in Denmark. These help companies promote or provide a service for their consumers through various platforms.
The General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” law affects firms that handle Personal Data collected from EU citizens, which includes Denmark. This framework of laws sets strict guidelines for the use and collection of user data. The main purpose of this law is to make sure that companies are prohibited from obtaining User Data without explicit consent from individual users, this in turn has the consequence that companies wouldn’t be able to

Microtransactions i Spilindustrien

This paper has the purpose of researching the effects and consequences of microtransactions on the danish youth age 12-18, and suggest a regulation regarding microtransactions. It will provide an overview of the history of the technology that is microtransactions, and how it has evolved. Furthermore China, South Korea and Denmark will be compared, based on cultural differences along with the respective countries’ regulations on microtransactions and gaming.

AI i diagnosticering af Diabetes

Rapport skulle ind her


Dette projekt handler om konstruktionen af en chatbot som er et samlet it-system for studerende på RUC

VR til behandling af socialfobi

Vi undersøger i dette projekt om virtual reality kan bruges i behandlingen af socialfobi. I dag er den mest effektive behandlingsform kognitiv adfærdsterapi, hvor eksponering er nøglen til effektiviteten. Vi undersøger hvordan eksponering virker i virtual reality, og om dette er et bedre alternativ end den nuværende behandlingsform.

Social angst med VR

Exposure therapy with VR

Sundhedsplatform for psykiatrien


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