The report attempts to find a way for users of RUC to easily know whether or not a room is in use. The problem is not unique to the campus of RUC, but the goal of the report is to find a local solution to a local problem we encounter as students. In the report we try to determine the extent of the problem and explore different technologies that would work as solutions. The report concludes that the use of a motion sensor paired with an LED panel would provide the best solution.


Our project aims to answer the question: “How can you build a technical design which secures the understanding of the processing regarding personal data to the average citizen as well securing a better understanding of the consequences by sharing personal data”. By utilizing surveys and collecting empirical data this study has found a need to increase the awareness of the average citizen regarding personal data being shared throughout the Internet. Finally, the studies illustrate how complicated it can be to understand what the average citizen is accepting while roaming around the Internet.

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