Visualisering af luftforurening

The following paper seeks to investigate how the individual human experience of particle pollution might change using sensor technology inspired by citizen sensing. Our empirical basis for the study is based on several qualitative interviews with the two subjects before and after they had been using our sensor kit. The interviews followed a post-phenomenological approach and had the goal of investigating the relation between the user, the sensor kit, and the subjects’ experienced world.


This study explains what chronic diseases are in a general sense, and what challenges a patient with chronic disease faces. Based on this, the group have created a collaboration with Tina Ryberg, to develop a website that will motivate, and increase the quality of life of chronically affected patients.

Coops bæredygtige tiltag

This project first examines Coop Denmark’s app function Dit klimaaftryk (Your climate foot-print) and Coop Sweden’s app function Hålbarhetsdeklaration (Sustainability declaration) and their commitment towards climate change. Furthermore, the project focuses on consumer be-havior throughout a shopping situation. The project then examines the in-app functions with a technical approach using the TRIN-analysis.

Algoritmer i det offentlige

This paper seeks to study the use and impact of artificial intelligence in the public sector focusing on the employment centers. Artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger part of the public sector in the hopes of streamlining processes and procedures. In order to understand how the implementation of A.I. will work. The underlying technology in A.I. will be analyzed in order to examine other parts of the technology. This will be done using the TRIN- model.

In The Chains Of Algorithms

This project is a study regarding the usage of Facebook’s News Feed focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This project’s research will also include the effects the technology has on the users, in particular how the algorithms might polarize and in worst case radicalize the user. Our findings show that Facebook’s news feed consists of machine learning, decision trees and matrixes. These technological parts are what makes every single news feed individual and can to some extent make a user polarised and radicalised.

In our theoretical part of the project we made an in-depth

Kryptovaluta: En komparativ analyse af

Bitcoin has lately gained massive attention in the media due to huge price fluctuations. However, most people don’t actually know how the inner technological systems of Bitcoin work. This paper seeks to understand the inner workings of the technology and how it might be implemented as a currency in Denmark.


This project examines how to optimize the reading and registration of blood sugar levels for diabetics with the use of a TCS3200 colour sensor together with an Arduino Uno board, and how to implement a new and improved glucose measuring artefact in the Danish healthcare sector.

Thorium fuel and LFTR reactors

A project on the viability of thorium as a nuclear resource

3D printning af våben

3D printing is going to play a huge role in the world’s industries whether we like it
or not, however with the limitless possibilities of what you can 3D print, there will be
misuse of the technology. Most of us have already heard about the Liberator, and
how it was the first 3D printed weapon that could fire a bullet, but how far have we
come since then? The purpose of this study is to inquire more knowledge about the
misuse of 3D printers, in the forms of firearms.

New Drone Order

The main focus of the project is Technology, Systems and Artefacts. Apart from TSA, the report will also include Subjectivity, Technology and Society, also known as STS. The project’s goal is to research whether the drone delivery service we have in mind is plausible or not, in which ways it is challenged, and what kind of technological system would be able to smoothen out the difficulties. We attempt to find a solution to drones having to deliver packages to apartments, with inspiration from a short film called SKYWATCH.

Autonome busser

This paper examines the development of the autonomous bus, in the daily public transport in Denmark it also addresses the consequences this technology could have on the Danish people’s choices of transportation.

Dansk Kabel TV’s intranet

This report covers a preliminary study for a new and updated intranet platform for Dansk Kabel TV, through phases and principles from the MUST-method.

Beskyttelse af persondata

The average person spends more of their daily lives on the internet, this means big technology corporations, such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, these corporations collect more data about their users than over before. However, this problem isn’t seen by the average internet user. Therefore, we give them an opportunity through a prototype of a web-application. This prototype includes a portion of design theories, these theories purpose is to make the user experience more friendly. This web-application have a simple description of central terms.

Booking System

This report addresses the complications and provides the solution for the current booking system on Roskilde University. The issue is relevant because of the poor design and complicated steps towards reservering a room. This issue affects new as well as old students because of the learning curve and lack of motivation towards reserving a room. Finding out how to book a system on Roskilde is not only difficult but requires help from another student or teacher. The report reveals a solution which is a total rework of the current booking system with a focus on ease of use and modern design.


Stress has throughout history helped us survive l by triggering our fight or flight response, during situations we deem threatening, as we evolved overtime so has perception of threats, our fight or flight no longer triggers exclusively, when we are in a life or death situation. It triggers when we feel pressured, be it by society or academics. The purpose of this study is to inquire more knowledge about the effects and causes of stress on the body and mind and how a design could be developed to relieve some of the symptoms stressed out students’ experiences. The study utilizes the core belief

Psykiske sygdomme simuleres i rum

The purpose of this study is to investigate how one can create a design, using Virtual Reality, that seeks to simulate mental illness, and thereby create an own-body experience.  However, this research, is focused on creating a simulation of social anxiety only. By analysis of self-conducted interviews with specialists and people who suffer from social anxiety we have further built our understanding of social anxiety. This has helped us in creating an optimal simulation scenario.

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