Selvkørende biler & etik

Projektet vil undersøge hvor langt teknologien for selvkørende biler, er nået, og hvor lang tid det vil tage før, vi kan se helt selvkørende biler på vejene. Derudover vil vi se på, om der på nuværende tidspunkt findes lovgivning, eller rammer for virksomheder der producerer selvkørende bil- teknologi, for hvordan bilen skal programmers. Ydermere ønsker vi, at stille skarpt på etiske argumenter inden for selvkørende biler, og analysere disse ved at se på, hvad der menes at være de vigtigste succeskriterie, for at implementere biler ud i samfundet.


This study investigates and analyses pros and cons for two different approaches, for dealing with the issue of children under 13 using sites they are prohibited from using. To make this analysis possible the paper uses communication theory methods for analyzing whether or not the problem is a communication problem. It is through this analysis clear that the problem is not merely a communication problem, and communication will need to be accompanied by law in order to achieve the desired change.

Beskyttelse af persondata

The concept of surveillance capitalism is fairly new, and not described in great detail yet. Although one would think that the content of end-user license agreement from big tech companies like Google would be easy to navigate and use, they seem almost impossible to understand and have any form of control over. This paper seeks to define a certificate which aims to provide more influence for the user in regard to his data. In order to understand exactly which elements, the certificate should include, the study investigated which types of data the end-user license agreement contains.

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