Algoritmisk kategorisering

This project aimed to examine the potential ramifications of implementing the Gladsaxe-model as a
form of algorithmic categorization of the citizens in Gladsaxe municipality. This was done by
analyzing the technical aspects of classification algorithms and their role in a larger data analysis
structure, drawing structural inspiration from the TRIN-model. Afterwords we looked into the
current criterias for categorizing a child as vulnerable. We then examined the legal and ethical
complications involved in an implementation of such a system, as well as the technical barriers that
would manifest


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Red Resten

The purpose of this report is to examine how to decrease food waste in single – and family households by using an app as a tool to change their behaviour.

Our prototype was made as a story board in Photoshop. The initial design was brought to the interviews to get feedback for further development.

To have the best foundation to further develop the app, we looked at previous research papers that focus on this specific subject. We used the findings of those papers to establish what had previously worked and failed and made new design proposals based on that and our findings in our interviews