This study investigates and presents our project on how to provide better conditions, coordination
and communication for the users of Aula. Our main goal for the given project is to present solutions
to the missing elements in Aula. Therefore, we wish to accomplish a better and a rather simplified
environment for the teachers, that also has the ability to reach the pupils, and the overall user of

iPads i undervisningen

In this project, we have been occupied with teachers’ use of iPads in lectures. Our primary focus is to find out how teachers organize classes using iPads instead of using for example blackboard, and what positive and negative effects it can cause.


I dette projekt undersøger vi hvordan en pacemaker virker, og hvorvidt pacemakeren har en betydning for patienternes livskvalitet.

Klimaklubben – klimaadfærd app’en

This paper addresses the immediate need for a tool to help facilitate sustainable ecological action among young Copenhageners. It examines the underlying barriers which obstruct climate friendly behaviour while concluding that the success of such a tool relies heavily on certain social factors. It ventures on to describe the iterative design process that follows the initial analysis. The paper relies heavily on the works of Anthony Giddens as well as an interview with a climate expert and several interviews with representatives from the target group.

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