Socialbæredygtighed i Aarhusgadekvart

This study examines the term social sustainability and its underlying concepts of social equity and social cohesion within an urban context. This study will benefit from the theoretic approach to social sustainability inspired by Nicola Dempsey and Luise Li Langagergaard. The project group has, in the research, applied qualitative and quantitative methods to obtain relevant data and information. In the examination of the case through document analysis, asset mapping, site survey and semi structured interviews, we are working with Badezone Sandkaj in Aarhusgadekvarteret. In this case we investi

En samtale med Claire …

This project seeks to examine the natural language capabilities in the Chatbot, Harmony, which is an artificial companion. Through an autoethnographic study, this journal will express scientific and personal expectations to Harmony and how they are expressed through a personal conversation. Firstly, Chatbot Architecture is described as the design principles and will not go into the actual mechanics of building a chatbot. This is merely to try and describe the possible tools needed to build a conversational chatbot, that can communicate through natural language and construct a social front. mm

Urban light installation

This paper describes an iterative methodology for creating and evaluating a design, which solves a specific problem. Looking at theories addressing atmospheres and affordances, the paper seeks to create an interactive light installation and to recreate an environments atmospheric sensation, while being self-explanatory in the act of interaction.

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