Controlled drone

Technological development is advancing rapidly with drones, and therefore the technology for drones is constantly improving. However, research shows that the control of drones has been primarily in the form of keyboard and joystick. With this project, we want to challenge the current control of drones to a control through hand gestures and – movements using MediaPipe and OpenCV. We will test the program’s hardware and software in several tests with methods like acceptance- and black-box testing. The program will be tested on anonymous people that will give us data on further programming.

Kommunikation i sundhedsvæsenet

In Denmark practitioners and patients are not good at communicating with each other, which has led to 63 people dying each year because of patient injuries that occur due to misdiagnosis. Over time, the Danish government in collaboration with municipalities and regions have improved digitalization in danish healthcare, intending to support communication for this issue. With this in mind, the project examines if an app can contribute to stronger communication between a general practitioner and a patient.

Brugerdrevet design

The purpose of thisprojectistotry to identify common tendencies in different PD cases, and to see if it is possible to schematize these tendencies, toachievea higher understanding, and a helpful guide for future PD-projects.Furthermore, the project will explainindetail how current PD-projectsfunction and the ups and downs by takingaparticipatory approach.The project will include a comprehensivedata analysis, interviews with leading PDresearchersand the use of theauto ethnographicapproach.Through empirical,quantitativeand qualitativemethods, the project has found its foundation in six…

Den grønne død

The report explores alternative burial methods for a greener direction. The technologies mentioned from beginning to end will display the possibility of a decrease in the carbon dioxide pollution and the establishment of a sustainable environment. The report will enlighten the views of different groups in the community of Denmark. We will discuss the ethics of the use of the technology on corpses by interviewing individuals and analyzing select texts. We will also study the possibility of diffusion of the burial methods in the society of Denmark.

Arduino Workshop

Ignore report. Look at timeline.

Mars Habitat

This paper examines the challenges in designing a Mars habitat in a lava tube for the first manned mission. Throughout the paper, you will receive an insight into NASA’s Artemis mission, which will enlighten some requirements in designing a Mars habitat. Further, we will analyze and discuss our mission and creation of said habitat from an ethics philosophy perspective.

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