Sociale liv og strukturen af et minde

This paper seeks to examine how the formation of memories is affected by technology, with an interest in the mutual influence between human, technology and society. Our two science-theoretical standpoints, phenomenology and postphenomenology, are chosen in order to shed light on how smartphone technology shapes people and society, from a first-person perspective. The empirical methodology consists of phenomenological interviews which focus on individuals’ perception of the world.

Dansk Kabel TV’s intranet

This report covers a preliminary study for a new and updated intranet platform for Dansk Kabel TV, through phases and principles from the MUST-method.


Rapporten er privat. Hvis man er interreseret i at læse opgave, bedes i kontakte os.

This report covers the distribution of genetic technology in today’s society. Through an analysis of the technology using the TRIN-model, we have discovered the advantages and disadvantages of genetic technology in society. Our empirical data consists of two interviews concerning two women who have knowledge about their genetic predisposition as a result of genetic testing. Through the analysis of our empirical data we have identified some of the human consequences regarding the use of genetic technology.

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