eLærings påvirkning i indskolingen

In the modern world we tend to modernize every possible aspect of society, but to keep up with demand for further modernization, we seem to overlook and analyze what happens in the fields affected.
This paper examined what happens in an elementary school when they use the enforced digital systems and digital teaching aids. The paper has its focus on the teachers and their struggle but studies the pupils’ point of view, in order to establish a grasping phenomenological understanding of the affected field.
We conclude from field observations, interviews and a single survey – that there exists a

Den Onde Algoritme

This paper examines the perceived and observed ignorance, regarding the lack of skepticism when interacting with cookies and algorithms. Our research is based on a combination of theory and methodology, we have used interviews and surveys, as well as usability to create an interactive campaign as a solution to hopefully, bring back some of the skepticism that we need to avoid creating a horrifyingly complete algorithmic identity. We focus on Google and personalized marketing to illustrate and inform about algorithmic identity…

Workshop – Guerrilla Data

Ultrasound sensor til måling af kantinen på RUC.