NAO-robot som Folkeskoleteknologi

Robots have, for a long time, been used as tools and technology in the daily life of many people, but where most people only think of them as usable in the industrial sector, robots have recently started to become implemented in the human sector. This group finds the idea of robots becoming used in the school sector very interesting, and will in this report strive to define one such educational robot and figure out how and where it is being used in elementary schools in Denmark. Through former research and interview with a former school teacher who has worked with one such educational robot…

Omsorg gennem Virtual Reality

In this project rapport, the group will strive to define and analyse Virtual Reality as a technology, and find the uses for the technology in regards to care for elders with dementia. This is done by deploying knowledge about Virtual Reality, gathered through books and theses, in a model for defining technology through several specific steps. This knowledge will be used in expert interviews to figure out how the technology is used in regards to dementia, and will be focused by the use of a case study to generalise the use of Virtual Reality in this context.

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