Visualisering af luftforurening

The following paper seeks to investigate how the individual human experience of particle pollution might change using sensor technology inspired by citizen sensing. Our empirical basis for the study is based on several qualitative interviews with the two subjects before and after they had been using our sensor kit. The interviews followed a post-phenomenological approach and had the goal of investigating the relation between the user, the sensor kit, and the subjects’ experienced world.

Kan kød erstattes af luft?

This paper examines the possibilities of using air and electricity to create protein through a fermentation process, which is referred to as “air protein”. . This paper analyses the internal mechanisms and processes of the fermentation process. The paper then compares air protein to our current meat production by analysing various climate footprints of air protein against beef production. Multiple barriers to changing peoples’ current meat consumption are also identified.

Fødevareemballage i cirkulær økonomi

This paper examines the possibilities of redesigning the current plastic packaging of meat products to include them in a circular economy. To understand how plastic food packaging is placed in a circular economy, the paper examines the various aspects, such as how food packaging is currently designed and todays’ available recycle and sorting technologies. The paper provides an in-depth analysis focusing on the technical difficulties of changing plastic packaging of food in three of the phases in the circular economy cycle: Design, Sorting and Recycling.

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