The aim of this paper is to understand the hows and the whys of open-sourced DIY looping. To investigate this, we have conducted interviews with people who label themselves as loopers. We wanted to find out how long they have been using the system, what their overall thoughts on it were, how it compares to conventional treatment, and what impact it has had on their lives. This data has been thematically analyzed to help us find correlation between their answers. Furthermore, we have included relevant and recent research on the topic, to further shed light on the phenomenon.

Fablab Workshop Bølger

Vi har lavet en kunst installation, hvor vi blandt andet eksperimenterer med at lave organiske designs i fusion

Design til hjemløse

This paper examines how homeless people have become more alienated in the city of Copenhagen. Through dark design as well as laws prohibiting homeless people sleeping together in camps, more and more homeless people are having a hard time finding a proper place to sleep. By closely examining the homeless strategy the municipality has in place, as well as talking to key figures in the community, our design attempts to better the terms homeless people have on the streets of Copenhagen.



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