Case-rapport: Lynetteholmen

This casestudy explores the practice and context of the planningprocesses regarding Lynetteholmen. The study makes enquiries into the large scale contruction project about the related stakeholders and their networks, the democratic proces (or lack thereof), environmental problems and associated national and supranational law as well as the broader context og the project concerning the economy, housing policy and future og Copenhagen city.

Veganerpartiets kommunikation på vgpt

This study investigates the webpage of the Danish political party Veganerpartiet: It examines the communication on the web page and how it relates to the Vegan Party’s set of values; their communication strategy and preferred audience.

Forestillinger om Danmarks fremtid

This project is about examining the way in which the Danish government handles people who seek asylum in Denmark, as well as the Danish immigration law, with the purpose of identifying utopian ideals and visions. Furthermore, the project deals with strategic planning, managing cities of difference as well as the aforementioned uses of utopia in urban planning.

Planlægningsprocessen bag Cityringen

With a critical realistic perspective, we are searching for knowledge about the genesis of the new metro, Cityringen, in Copenhagen. The research had a particular focus on the connection between the planning of Cityringen and how the thought about climate was included in the planning.

Parallelsamfundspakkens betydning

This project aims to examine the effects and implications on the planning process by the
danish government’s Parallel Society Package better known as the Ghetto Package. To
examine this subject we use Taastrupgaard, a housing project in the municipality of Høje-Taastrup classified as a ghetto by the danish government, as a case study.

Retorik i den nordkoreanske nytårstale

I følgende projekt analyseres Kim Jong-uns nytårstale fra d. 1. januar 2018. Vi benyttede os af dispositio- og genreanalyse til at undersøge, om talen har det, vi forstår som en traditionel tale-struktur. Vi brugte analysen til at skabe et overblik over talen og til at få blotlagt, hvad der er vigtigt for retor. Hvorvidt Kim Jong-uns nytårstale korresponderer med den vestlige tradition, eller om den bryder med den, ville vi spore os ind på forholdet mellem retorik i en vestlig retoriktradition og retorik i et totalitært styre.

Elektroniske produkter i en cirkulær

This study addresses the problematiques regarding the planned obsolescence that causes consumers to replace their technical devices more often. This development has shown a negative influence on our environment and is causing more electronic waste than previously. In this project we are focusing on the technicnical development, and how it has affected the consumer culture. Furthermore the project focuses on how a change towards a positive direction where the production of electronic product is created under circular economy where the used materials are created to be reused or upcycled. To find

Ældres møde med velfærdsteknologien

This project is a study in how to develop a set of “best practices” surrounding the selection and use of welfare technology meant to be used by elderly. The primary inspiration for defining these “best practices” is the concept of “pleasure” defined by Patrick W. Jordan. The report also includes welfare technology as a concept, methods for collecting qualitative empirical data through interviews, and methods related to the process model called Double Diamond.

RUC applikation

This report is based on issues concerning the current platforms and their given information, which is currently available for students at Roskilde University. The report will go further into detail about the various methods, that we utilized to gather information about the current platform, and the process to remediate the problems we uncover.

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