Nutidens overvågning

This paper examines cookies and their presumably unseen presence on today’s computers. This report aims to comprehend and understand exactly which types of cookies there are and how many cookies a user can expect from the world’s most traffic heavy websites, with the intention of identifying cookies who sync data between other websites, hosting the same cookie. In addition this project explains the basic mechanics of web servers and their relations with the client computers, with the intention of giving fundamental understanding of the mechanics underlying the user interface.

Machine Learning and Spot

Med nok energidrik i blodet til at kunne dræbe en elefant ,har vi færdiggjort vores projekt.

Escape from the Mink-Farm

A breathtaking adventure of one sneaky mink, and he’s desperate longing for freedom. Will he make it before the evil prime minister catches him? Are mink truely small dogs and does 5G-towers, actually radiate corona-virus? These questions and many more, is what you can expect to be answered in this game

Optimering af ladestationer

An extremely well done project, with all the right amounts of everything. And let’s be honest, this is an absolute banger.
Ok. This is epic.